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  • [Premium Knife Sharpening Stone Set]Your professional whetstone set includes whetstone 1000/6000 , bamboo base for holding the stone and knife sharpening angle guide. Combination of quality and beauty makes it inexpensive yet useful gift idea.
  • [Ensure Effective Sharpening Results]Coarse side 1000 grit wetstone leaves metal edge with frosted appearance.Edge sharpness equivalent to majority of factory edges on knives, tools.Fine side 6000 grit whetstone is ideal for finishing and polishing the edge, make edge very sharp, and edge reflects light well.Polishing knife stone for Kitchen, Hunting and Pocket Knives.Sharping stone for knives.
  • [Safety] Your purchase whetstone knife sharpener comes with rubber for holding the whet stone inside Bamboo base, the non-slip rubber insures that the wet stone won't slip or move which makes sharpening process very safe and more effective.
  • [Multipurpose Use] Blunt knives, rusted knives, and nicked kitchen knives are prone to food residues and breed bacteria that harms the health of the families. Our whetstone sharpener are not just ideal for kitchen knives, they can be used for just about anything with a blade. It can be used for carving knives, hunting knives, butterfly knives, pocket knives, army knives, razor blades, scissors, pocket knives, or clippers which called Knife stone sharpener.
  • [Premium Quality Blade Sharpening Stone] We promise you every quality whetstone kit and friendly customer service. Not all whetstone 1000/6000 are created equal.

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    BRIGHTLIVING 1000 / 6000 Grit Whetstone on Bamboo Base $9.50 @ Amazon w/ S&S

    $9.99 $39.99, SAVE -$30 OR -75%
    TOP QUALITY: BRIGHTLIVING Whetstone knife sharpening stone set is made of durable corundum aluminum oxide. The straight base is made of natural bamboo wood with non-slip rubber strip. Angle guide tool included to help sharpen at correct angle., EASE OF USE: BRIGHTLIVING Whetstone knife sharpener stone kit is easy to use. Only water is sufficient, NO oil is required to be used with this WaterStone., MULTI PURPOSE USE: BRIGHTLIVING Wet Stones for sharpening knives are suitable for chef, kitchen, steak, serrated, hunting, pocket or tactical knives, either large or small and scissors, chisel, axe, razor, blade, machete, hatchet, sword, katana etc., DUAL SIDED SHARPENING AND HONING: BRIGHTLIVING Whetstone 1000 6000 is a professional two sided dual grit rock solid stone. #1000 coarse grit is to sharp and #6000 fine grit is to hone and polish., QUALITY TESTING: BRIGHTLIVING WetStone has gone through durability and functionality tests by reputable third-party inspection company to offer you the best product.

    Sharpening Stone Whetstone Knife Sharpener, G-TING 400/1000 and 3000/8000 Grit Knife Sharpening Kit Wet Stone with Flattening Stone, Angle Guide, Non Slip $23.49 + Free Shipping

    $45.99 $49.99, SAVE -$4 OR -8%
    【Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone】:Whetstone Sharpening Stone is made from professional grade white corundum corrosion & heat resistant, it is also very durable. This stone only requires water, no expensive honing oil needed! It’s a great choice for someone looking for a stone they won’t have to replace., 【VERSATILE KNIFE SHARPENING STONES】:This whetstone can be used as an all-round toolkit for any item you want sharpened and polished. It can sharp ANY BLADE out there, be it kitchen knives, Hunting Knife Sharpener, Pocket Knife Sharpener, Scissor Sharpener, Chisel sharpener, Blade sharpener, Razor & it can even sharp a axe!, 【SATISFY ALL THE SHARPENING NEEDS OF YOUR FAMILY】:This includes two separate stones both with two sides. The 4 kind grit is accurate, choose the appropriate grit stone according to your knife blade. The 400/1000-grit knife stone raises the burr, sharpening the edge of the blade. Then, polish and perfect the knife with the fine 3000/8000-grit stone., 【DESIGNED for ULTRA-PRECISE SHARPENING】:Even the best knives will eventually lose its cutting edge, and it is important to have a set of sharpening stones that suit your sharpening needs. When you want to guarantee peak performance from top-quality kitchen knives, this is the stone to use—it's designed for ultra-precise sharpening., 【SAFETY SHARPENING】: Keeping that knife's edge fine will make cooking safer. We understand the importance of safety when dealing with sharpening tools. That’s why we include a nonslip rubber bases, a bamboo stone holder and angle guide in every knife-sharpening kit. Minimize your risk of hazardous slips with our knife sharpener kit!

    Meterk Knife Sharpening Whetstone Set w/ Angle Guide $18.99

    $29.99 $37.99, SAVE -$8 OR -21%
    【4 Side Grit Whetstone】Composed of high-quality 4-sided knife sharpening stone (400/1000 / 3000 / 8000), 400# for repairing serrated blades, 1000# for general grinding of blunt knives, 3000# for fine grinding and deburring (most suitable for meat cutters), 8000# for honing tips (most suitable for fruit / vegetable only knives), different tools can meet different needs.Economical and practical, saving your time and money., 【Multi-functional Knife Sharpener】This multi-functional knife sharpening stone set can sharpen various flat blades and make them sharp again. 4 kinds of abrasive particles are accurate,choose the appropriate knife sharpening stone according to your blade. Perfect for kitchen knives, scissors, blades, pocket knives, hunting knives, chisels, axes, razors, swords, etc., 【Durable Wet Stone】 It is the most important to be able to grind the knife stably when grinding. This is why we include two non-slip rubber bases and a bamboo knife holder in each sharpening kit. The bamboo bracket ensures stable sharpening, so you don't have to worry about it slipping off the counter, we will minimize the risk of slipping! The knife sharpening stone measures 8.5 * 3.7 * 3.1in, which enables blades of all sizes to be sharpened and durable at the same time., 【Easy to Use】 Made of professional-grade white corundum, the knife sharpening stone only needs to be soaked in a bowl of water for 10 minutes without expensive grinding oil. Experiments show that water is indeed more effective and easier to clean! The angle guide will keep the knife at the right angle, which makes the process simple and effective., 【Notes】After use, the wooden base must be placed in a ventilated place for drying. If the whetstone is wet after use, the knife sharpening stone and the wooden base must be dried separately. Otherwise, it will affect the use of the base because it is too wet. 100% service for you.

    Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone: 2-Sided Knife Sharpener Set, 1000/6000 Grits - $16 FS w/Prime

    $25.99 $31.99, SAVE -$6 OR -19%
    ✔️ EVERYTHING YOU NEED INCLUDED - This kit includes a 2 sided whetstone knife sharpener, handcrafted bamboo base with non-slip silicone holder, beginners angle guide, video instructions, & PDF user guide for fast and easy learning., ✔️ SHARPENS ANY BLADE - Our knife wetstone sharpens any type of blade, including kitchen knives, pocket knives, scissors, tomahawk, chisel, axe, xacto, sword, or even a machete! It truly is a MUST-HAVE for every household!, ✔️ PREMIUM QUALITY & NO OIL REQUIRED - Made from professional grade Corundum (Aluminum Oxide), our chef quality whet stone is the best honing stone on the market. Soaking in water works best, no oil required., ✔️ PERFECT UNIQUE GIFT - Big enough for even your longest kitchen knife, and designed to fine-tune any blade, our culinary whetstone makes the perfect gift for the chef in your life. Remember, a sharp knife is a safe knife, and your new extra wide sharpening system will keep all your knives razor sharp so that nobody gets hurt or frustrated., ✔️ 1-YEAR NO RISK 100 % MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, & WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE - We're so sure you're going to love our waterstones, you can try one out today completely risk-free! If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, just contact us and we'll quickly make it right, or give your good money back. That's a promise!

    AHNR 12" Diamond Honing Steel Professional Knife Sharpener Rod $12.99

    $25.99 $29.99, SAVE -$4 OR -13%
    【GET RAZOR SHARP EDGE】Your knife, which may have previously felt sharp as a razor, starts to bite and catch on the food you're cutting. You can sense some resistance that wasn't there before. By running the blade along the honing steel, you can pull that microscopic edge of metal back into an upright position, and regain a good deal of its cutting power in the process., 【EASY & SAFE TO USE】 With a 12-inch honing steel, you'll be able to use the vertical honing method with little risk of the knife hitting the work surface below. Ergonomic handle fits all hands, making it easy to use. The slip-resistant bottom durable handle will make the rod easy to handle and will stay in place while being used, so it becomes safer for you., 【RETAINS MORE METAL ON YOUR KNIFE EDGE】The Honing steel sharpening rod is designed to be used often, it corrects the edge without shaving off much, if any, of the blade’s material. Its diamond coating gives kitchen knives an extremely fine sharpness when honed, quickly restoring their original cutting performance., 【PRUNER AND KNIFE SHARPENER】Comes with a pocket pruner sharpener. It is made with long-lasting, hard sharpening tungsten carbide and ergonomic textured rubber handle to make sharpening your tools a breeze! Designed for sharpening blades of garden tools including secateurs, grafting knives, loppers and even lawn mower blades., 【EASY TO STORAGE】The easiest way to keep your honing steel clean is to give it a quick clean after each and every use. This needn’t be a time-consuming process, simply wipe the honing steel with a dry cloth after every use. Please wipe dry completely after washing and hang in a cool place to air-dry, do not put the sharpener into the dishwasher.

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