Cleaning Gel Universal Dust Cleaner for PC Keyboard Cleaning Car Detailing Laptop Dusting Home and Office Electronics Cleaning Kit Computer Dust Remover from ColorCoral 160G

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  • 【Universal Fit】ColorCoral universal dust cleaning gel, simple and convenient cleaning kits for home and office electronics cleaning, such as PC keyboards, car vents, camera, printer, telephone, calculator , speaker, air conditioner, TV and other appliances.
  • 【Safe】Made of biodegradable material, not sticky to hands, smells sweet with lemon fragrance, no stimulation to skin.
  • 【Easy to Use】Take a piece of the cleaning gel, knead it into a ball, press the cleaning gel slowly into the keyboard, car vent and other rugged surface and then pull out, the dust would be carried away with the cleaning gel.
  • 【Durable】This keyboard cleaning gel could be used again and again till the color turn to dark, then you have to replace the gel with a new one. (NOTE: don’t wash the cleaning gel in water.)
  • 【In the Package】1* universal cleaning gel.

    Brand: ColorCoral
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    Classification: Electronics

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    Super Long Extendable Dusters for Cleaning:The extension pole can reach up to 100" which can clean everywhere you want at your house,no need ladder to climb anymore, Long Service Life&Quality Guarantee:These telescopic dusters are made of stainless steel and microfiber which had long working life if used properly., Bendable&Washable Duster Head:The head of the microfiber duster is so flexible which can be bent to any angle,it’s easy to cleaning hard to reach spots.And it’s easy to wash---Just wash it with water or mild detergent., Good helper in doing housework:It can be also used as car/keyboard duster,etc., 100% no risk shopping at LECAMEBOR:We’ll offer you best after-sale service for a lifetime.Just contact us if there are any questions or problems,we’ll certainly provide you suitable solutions and make you an enjoyable shopping experience!

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