The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III - Extracurricular Edition - Nintendo Switch

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  • From the shifting Stances of countries to the internal politics of the Empire, and even the life of Rean schwarzer, the shadows of the past have given way to the embers of a new chapter
  • Trails of cold steel III invites players into a world full of intrigue and excitement that is years in the making.
  • In true trails fashion, the deep, engaging story pairs with an incredible cast of characters and a combat system refined over decades of innovative RPG world building
  • An immersive story - experience an epic story developed across three titles, and crafted for new and old fans alike
  • Extracurricular Edition is packed with a 20 page Softcover art booklet highlighting secret art from the Legend of heroes: trails of cold steel III, a striking lenticular art card, and an alternative cover art

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